of the foreign exchange funds

make way for the construction of large and medium-sized r▓eservoirs and the 56.392 billion yuan rolled over in

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to this year, total expenditures amounted to 308.553▓ billion yuan. Revenue from funds controlled by local governments reached 1.311069 trillion yuan, up 34.5%. ▓This huge increase was mainly the result of the inc▓orporation of all the income from the transfer of land▓-use rights into local budgets. Total revenue includes 1.037528 trillion yuan from th

controlled by the ce

oject, 62.1

Image 2

e transfer of land▓-use rights and compensation for the use of new land for construction and

118.488 billion yuan from road maintenance ▓fees. Total expenditures by local governments taken from ▓the funds they control increased by 49.9% to reach 1.292798 trillion yuan. This figure includes 1.01725 trillion▓ yuan in land-related expenditures which consists of 377.8▓15 billion yuan as compe

nsation for land requisition, housin▓g demolition and resident relocation and subsidy grants to farmers for land expropriations, a large increase of 113% pr▓imarily attributable to t

billion yuan fr▓om the fund

he widespread increase in th▓e level of compensation paid to farmers dispossessed of the▓ir land; and 128.622 billion yuan for developing and protecting farmland; 14.165 billion yuan for building low-rent housing; 36.988 billion yuan for developing rural inf

William - for d

eveloping railwa


rastructure and developing and protecti▓ng primary farmland; 303.532 billion yuan for p

romoting urban development; and 156.128 billion yuan generated from the transfer of the land-use rights of bankrupt state-owned enterprises and those converted into joint st▓ock companies and used to provide for their laid-off employ▓ees. A total of 117.344 billion yuan was spent in financing road maintenance. Revenue from government-contr▓olled fun

ys, 5.313 billio

ations of the central govern

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ds was used exclusively for its intended purposes. The discrepancy between revenue and expenditures from these

funds in 2008 arose primarily as a consequence of the requirement to roll over a portio

ment for

eign exchange fund. Added to the

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n of this revenue ▓into this year in accordance with the measures for ▓managing these funds. Full Text: Re

port on China´s economic, social development planBEIJING, March 15 (Xinhua) ▓-- T


billion yuan in subsidies fo

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he following is the full text of the Report on t▓he Implementation of the 2008 Plan for National Economic an?/p>

坉 Social Development and on the 2009 Draft Plan for National Econ

r local

governments fr

omic and Social Development, which was submitted on March 5 for review at the Second Session of the 11th National People's Congres

om the fund for
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